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Who can I promote?

Advertiser Directory
Browse the Profiles of every advertiser on the network and filter by sector to request to promote the most relevant partners.
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Our product feed platform that distributes detailed product information for all advertisers to publishers.
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Get Offers & Promotions

The Hub
Our dedicated publisher portal, keeps publishers updated on programme launches, network news, and the latest promotions, offers and incentives.
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Our discount code feed allows you to automate the process of collecting online codes and promotions from all the retailers on our network. Available in CSV or XML, this is one of our most used tools.
*The Discount Code Feed is only accessible to existing AW publishers.
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Link to your chosen advertisers

Our Google Chrome extension for publishers. Join programs, generate shortened tracker links, custom URLs, links to specific product pages, and create ‘one click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
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Fire AW
Firefox browser plugin to create deeplinks to any page of an Affiliate Window advertiser with a single click.
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Fire AW
Publisher plug-in to help ease the task of converting product links into track-able affiliate links.
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Optimise Your Channels

Real-time  Reports
Measure KPIs with our mobile analysis for handsets and tablets, influence reports, and performance insights including clicks, transactions, sale value, commission, EPC, AOV and conversion rate.
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Available in the United Kingdom and Ireland only.
Our in-store tracking solution, provides an opportunity for publishers to promote offers and discounts for our advertisers in-store.
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Cross-device Tracking
Industry leading functionality to track and reward for transactions made on more than one device.
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Opportunity Marketplace
A tool that allows publishers to manage and promote all advertising options available on their site within a customizable directory.
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Find and connect with advertisers that sell the products you want to feature on your site. Search by sector, brand or keyword to find your perfect match.

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Pick up simple text links, banners, widgets or even product feeds and APIs to promote your chosen partners.

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