Tools for Advertisers & Agencies

Who can I partner with?

Publisher Directory
Browse the Profiles of every publisher on the network and filter by promotional type or sector to recruit the most relevant partners.
*The Publisher directory is only accessible to existing AW advertisers‏.
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Opportunity Marketplace
A tool where advertisers can browse a directory of ‘opportunities’ that have been made available by publishers on the network, using customizable filters based on opportunity type, sector and payment model.
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How can I measure success?

Real time reports
Measure KPIs with our mobile analysis for handsets and tablets, influence reports, and performance insights including clicks, transactions, sale value, commission, EPC, AOV and conversion rate.
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Industry leading functionality to track and reward for transactions made on more than one device.
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How do I protect my brand?

The use of identity verification, brand monitoring and risk management software ensures our publishers are a trustworthy traffic source generating legitimate sales.
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How do I generate more sales?

Tracking, reporting and rewarding publishers who refer customers by phone through the use of dynamic numbers and a ‘pay-per-call’ business model.
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Our product feed platform that organises and distributes your detailed product information to publishers.
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Our voucher solution for advertisers without voucher code functionality that allows them to partner with our voucher code publishers.
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Our in-store tracking solution, provides an opportunity for publishers to promote offers and discounts for our advertisers’ in-store.
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How do I generate leads?

leadgen logo
Available in the United Kingdom and Ireland only.
Use online sources to generate leads to build/add to a prospect customer database.
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