Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that differs from traditional online display or search advertising as payment is triggered by an outcome such as purchasing a product.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Affiliate Marketing

Online lead generation (OLG) can be used instead of, or alongside CPA activity to support long or short term acquisition goals for our clients. At Affiliate Window we have a dedicated team of lead-genners ready and able to service a full range of campaigns to help do just that.

By definition, OLG is the process of collecting details of prospect customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product and service. Importantly they have given their consent to be contacted. Those prospects are then nurtured over time towards conversion, and then ongoing to become a loyal repeat purchasing customer.

Cross-device Tracking

AW Cross-Device Tracking

Cross-device tracking allows a user session that starts on one device and continues on another. It works by building profiles, which can be associated to multiple devices. The profile allows us to understand when a user has interacted with an advertiser’s site via one of our links, and then purchased via another device within a pre-determined time window.

If a sale has been driven by one of our publishers during the time window, it will be recorded.

key benefits

  • Provides advertisers true understanding of how the performance channel drives customers
  • Rewards publishers for multi-device purchasing journeys
  • More effective audience engagement and attribution

Brand Protection

AW ComplianceBig logo

Our dedicated compliance team ensures the network is kept free from unethical activity and untrustworthy traffic sources. All new publisher applications are subject to unrivalled screening through a series of proprietary and third party tools as well as vigorous manual checks.

Mobile Solutions

AW Mobile

mobile solutions

We understand that every consumer interacts with mobile devices in different ways and we offer a variety of targeted mobile solutions:

  • App download campaigns using trustworthy traffic sources to deliver incremental customers
  • Campaigns designed to drive footfall to your store using mobile’s geotargeting functionality
  • Enhanced TV commercials using complementary tablet advertising
  • Optimised mobile landing pages that match the needs of your customers
  • Insight into the latest mobile developments and publishers succeeding in the space
  • Ongoing mobile strategy consultation

Voucher Solutions

Our interface allows advertisers to manage vouchers and provide exclusive codes to publishers.

We also offer a unique voucher solution:


Our voucher solution for advertisers without voucher code functionality that allows them to partner with our Voucher code publishers.

Key features include:

  • Externally hosted interstitial voucher page, customised to fit the Advertiser's brand
  • Ability to see how many transactions have been generated from Voucher Window activity and which users have converted
  • Create exclusive offers and voucher codes for your top Publishers

Call Tracking


The telephone remains an exceptionally effective way to convert leads into sales.

Affiliate Window’s call tracking solution, CallWindow allows advertisers to view tracked calls via unique phone numbers. Callwindow operates on a pay-per-call or cost-per-acquisition basis for e-commerce and m-commerce websites.

How Callwindow works

Product Feeds

A product feed is an up-to-date, digital inventory of all the products an advertiser sells.


ShopWindow distributes advertiser product datafeeds to publishers. 

We have a variety of methods advertisers can use to supply us with data in addition to various means for publishers to download and manipulate the data provided.

Our solution is designed to meet the needs of every advertiser and our tools provide ease of use for publishers no matter what level of experience.


Create-a-Feed provides publishers with full access to all advertiser's product catalogues when they want it, in the format they want it and segmented how they want it.

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